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Knowledge discovering application to enhance your study, reading, research and information analysis. It perfectly suits with school, college, university, organization and daily usages to enjoy your most valuable concepts.

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PrepLit: Preparative Literature Review

Get your personal assistant for your documents, notes, bookmarks, scans PrepLit is a practical, powerful PDF manager smart enough to assist you with collecting and organizing all your PDF files. PrepLit is developed with our own proprietary search algorithm to empower users discovering the relevant knowledge.

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Formulate your idea with ease & speed

Search-highlighted-Mindmap can be done within a minute to formulate your concept. Literature survey is a critical and time demanding process. Regular PDF search programs do not have the essential features to streamline the process. The program incorporates lots of features designed to enable the completion and easy survey of PDFs. You can define the length search result containing your search words and the file links immediately. It comes with an intuitive interface with minimum learning curve.

Full-text PDF Search

PrepLit is a real-time search engine on your designated folders without indexing your data. You can leave out your worries for privacy and data security concerns.

Highlighted Keywords

PrepLit helps you to locate meaning sentence in PDF files. Search results will be highlighted to excel your work.

Dynamic Mindmap

Search results will be used to generate the dynamic Mindmap. Even more you, you can add or delete nodes in mindmap to formulate your idea. It suites for study and research.

Export to Text

The capacity to store search results in text format will help you to share data with your colleagues and future usages. You can edit and reuse your search results for your report or thesis.

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  • Number of Uses 10 times
  • Maximum Result Records 10 times
  • Dynamic Mindmap 10 times

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